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FAQ - How ATS Experts Can Help you Win at Sports Betting

ATS Experts main focus is to showcase our Expert Sports Handicappers and make their records easily accessible to our visitors.  We have integrated a user-friendly shopping cart and the option to purchase and use ATS Bucks to make our checkout system the most user-friendly option on the web.  We provide our members with the option to purchase ATS Bucks in advance and use them towards the purchase of ATS Experts selections which makes the process quick and convenient.  Feel free to contact us via email cs() and a trained support agent will respond accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions about ATS Experts


Q: How do I purchase sports picks from the ATSExperts
A: After you sign up for a free membership, there will be payment links in your members area to buy plays and packages from our experts.


Q: Is there a way to test out the ATSExperts before paying
A: There are daily free sports picks posted daily by the ATSExperts. ATS also posts every play on our detailed records pages so you track every play daily prior to purchasing.  In addition, sports picks will be released to our visitors shortly after game time.


Q: How do you track the ATS Experts results
A: The ATSExperts are some of the most recognized sports handicappers in the business.  ATSNetworks job is to make sure all games are posted in a timely manner and graded accurately.  The ATSNetwork updated leaderboard on the ATSExperts homepage will archive eachs nights plays for each Expert.  In the event that you dont see a particular game posted or the score or grade is incorrect, please notify our staff.  We will do our best to resolve the issue in a prompt manner.  We rely on our feed system to post and grade each game individually and these events can occur.


Q: Do the detailed records re-set each year
A: The records are on a 365-day cycle and they do no re-set each year. However, there is a link to view "Records Since Start" for each expert.  View our sports picks leaderboard to view each ATS Experts detailed records.


Q: What is Hit Rate

A:  Hit Rate is an Accuracy Estimate on historic picks performance for each ATS Expert.  This gives members the quick ability to identify which handicappers have historically performed the best on specific teams or match ups.  The higher the Hit Rate the higher the handicapper performance.   


Q: Why does the ATS True Consensus Play cost 100
A: The ATS True Consensus (TC) Play is a premium play that requires 5 or more experts to agree on a game while none of the other experts disagree. This is our most valued selection and it is backed by a 100 Bucks Back Guarantee. If you purchase an ATS True Consensus play and it results in a loss or push then your account will be credited back with 100 ATS Bucks.


Q: Do the ATS Experts guarantee their picks

A: No.  The Experts will periodically run specials on their packages but they do not offer a guarantee.  The only picks that are guaranteed are our AE Guaranteed selections found on our home page and our ATS True Consensus.  


Q: How do I turn off the ATS Daily Newsletter
A: There is a toggle switch in your members area that allows you to turn this feature on or off.


Q: Can I purchase weekly or monthly packages from the ATSExperts or am I only able to purchase picks individually each day
Members do have the option to purchase weekly sports picks package for each Expert at a cost of 449 USD.  With this week package, you get access to an ATS Experts daily selections for 7 days and it covers each sport that specific ATS Expert handicaps.  Once you purchase a week package then your account will automatically be updated with the ATS Experts picks once they are released in our system.  You will be able to find these selections daily in your members area.

Still dont have an answer to your question  Please submit your question by filling out our contact us form or send us an email to cs() and a trained support agent will respond accordingly.  Please allow for up to 24 hours to receive a response due to our high volume of support tickets.